Sunday, July 17, 2011

Searching For Jackie

I haven't completed a Topps Heritage set since 2005; before that I had done the 2003 and 2004 set as well as the 2004 Bowman Heritage Set. They were a pain the ass to finish with all of the short prints but I was able to finish them off before the next set came out so I guess I shouldn't complain when I read about the Sowing Machine Guy still working on his Goodwin set from 2009. I have with the help of some great people like Nightowl, HiFlew and the aforementioned Sewing Machine Guy finished the regular set with short prints.

Now I only have to find the 2 remaining "Jackie Robinson Special" Parallels to the "Babe Ruth Special" set and I'll consider this set done (I won't be chasing the weird SSP variations of Joba or Vlad). At 1:50 Packs the Robinsons are fairly hard to find so it may take me a while to finish this set unless I decide to go to ebay to finish it.

It's a fantastic looking set and I love this years look and I love the look of the '63 set so I'll probably be doing the 2012 Heritage set as well.

I have a fair amount of Base and 13 SP doubles I can trade so if you can help me out I'm sure I can make it worth your time.

Please e-mail me at Redwingshockey82 at hotmail (dot) com if you'd like to trade.

2011 Topps Heritage Baseball

Base Set: DONE

Short Prints:DONE

Jackie Robinson SP's:
137, 141

Baseball Flash Backs: DONE

News Flashbacks: DONE

New Age Performers: NAP- 6, 7, 11

Then and Now: 6, 10

Checklist: #3

Thanks for reading.

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