Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Bowl Contest Winners!

This was an extremely close contest with a four way tie for first!

The winners all got 4 of the questions correct and the tie breaker was also close too.

Here are the winning answers:









Here are the winners:

1. Night Owl - His guess of 52 was closest and he came in first.

2. Don

3. BA Benny

Leave comments with what card you'd like, Night Owl picks first so he only needs to give me what his pick is. Don, give me what your top 2 are and you get the one Owl doesn't pick and BA Benny give me your top 3. Don, you're the only person I need an address for so send me an e-mail at Redwingshockey82 at hotmail dot com with your info so I can get the prize out to you.

Thanks again to everyone for reading the blog, I was in NYC all week for business and I wasn't able to give this any attention until tonight. Sorry it took me so long to get these results up. It was a great Super Bowl, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you all had fun with the contest. I'm looking to do more in the future so I hope you all will check back often.


  1. Hey, thanks for a great contest! I am stoked that the Saints won the Superbowl.
    My choice would be:

    1~ The 5 card lot. All great cards and I love the Klecko.

    2~ The Sanchez Jumbo Jersey. I am a big Jets fan and don't have a GU of him yet.

    3~ The Stafford GU Jersey. A good up and coming player.

    I don't think my choices really matter though being that I should end up with what ever Night Owl and Don don't pick. Congrats to them.

  2. Classic. The Night Owl winning a football contest, that is great. Awesome contest as always. Your contests are probably the best out there. THANK YOU!

  3. Well, this is all of the contestants' lucky day. I don't collect football stuff. So everyone have at C&H's great prizes.

    If you have something basebally for me, that's cool. If not, you've been plenty generous already.

  4. Very classy Owl, I'm sure I have something basebally set aside for you. That means #2 is now #1, so Don, please get your choice in. BA Benny this is your lucky day, you're guaranteed to get at least one cool Jets card. I'm guessing you'll get the Klecko but we'll see.

    Thanks for the love Troll, I'm kind of surprised you didn't wager a guess but since it's not a baseball contest I'm not that surprised.

    Thanks again for the support everyone.

  5. Way cool of you Mr. Night Owl. For your very kind gesture I would like to send you some Dodgers cards and maybe a some night cards if I can find any. Send me your address to
    Thanks again for a great contest Joe.

  6. I forgot all about this, I would like the Stafford card please. I will send you my address.