Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2009 Ultimate Collection Dilemma

So I bought a box of 2009 Ultimate Collection and now I have a problem, let's look at the cards and see what you think.

This is the first card out of the pack, I like David Wright a lot. I have him as a keeper in my big Fantasy Baseball league so I'm a fan. All of the base cards are numbered to 599 this year which I think is the same amount as the years previous. I like the design, Gellman is right, Upper Deck has a pretty good design team. Speaking of Gellman I'm in his Ultimate Collection box break thing this month too, I have the Cubs and Braves, not as good as the Blue Jays and Red Sox but I guess it could be a lot worse (Nats and Rockies would be my least favorite combo I think).

A Fukudome card, I'm not a huge fan of his. he's been a below average player for his brief career, I liked the Wright, the Fuku, not so much (although he had about a week of roster time on the fantasy team last year).

The "Rookie" of the pack. Nolan Reimold, not terrible. I like Reimold, this isn't a true RC but it could be worse, a lot worse. I think Beardy would probably like this card and it's his if he wants it. All of the base cards I've showed are up for grabs, so Cubs and Mets fans leave a comment saying you want either the Wright or the Fuku and I'll be happy to pass them along (if in 24 hours Beardy hasn't commented or e-mailed me you can put in for the Reimold all of you O's fans out there, Beardy gets first shot but 24 hours is enough time).

Now for the problem card:

Yes, this is the first Derek Jeter Autograph I've ever pulled myself. What's the problem you may ask? My answer is simple, due to it's being the defendant in a few lawsuits Upper Deck may not be in business long enough to ever get this card out to me. Anyone who was around when Fleer went out of business knows that if Upper Deck goes, it'll be fast and anything of value will be plundered long before it ever gets anywhere near the collectors holding the redemption cards. So that's the Dilemma, do I redeem the card and take my chances as I'd love to add this card to my collection or do I flip it on eBay because of the risk of it not being fulfilled? I'm looking for advice here so let me know what you think.

Overall I thought I got really lucky and this is a great looking set, I can't wait to see what I come away with in the box breaks, if only the card I pulled was live I would be a very happy collector right now.


  1. In my humble opinion I would try to flip it on ebay. UD has a terrible track record for redemptions before this legal action so who knows the odds of getting a great one like Jeter now. Maybe set a reserve at a level where you can get a different Jeter AU with the sale money you generate with the redemption AU. I am a big Mets fan if you stil have the Wright.

  2. One would think they'd know how to spell Jeter's first name by now. If you're excited about the players on the card, I'd redeem it. The legal stuff is going to take a while to settle most likely, however I'm not sure how a cease and desist would affect a redemption. Flipping it on eBay would also be a solid option if the signatures aren't your thing.

  3. hmmmm they increased the amount of base actually, 08--/350, 07--/450, 06--/799. I would lean towards flipping as well. Though you would think they would have a ton of Jeters ready to go. If I knew more about UD's response time I would feel more comfortable....a Jeter auto from Ultimate..that would be cool and worth quite the bucks!

  4. Yes please on the Reimold.

    I sure hope for your sake that the redemption autos are on-card. Most of the Quads that I've seen on eBay have been stickers so far. Not sure about the duals though.

    I'd sell it as well, since I don't think Upper Deck will be able to produce those cards once this lawsuit business gets rolling.

  5. I agree, SELL! Make a buck while you can... The chance that the card exists is slim and the chances of them making it while in the lawsuit are slimmer. This mispelling of Jeter's name is deplorable. Lucky pull though. Take the money and run!

  6. Sell it and buy a cheaper Jeter auto for sure. You'll get the auto AND have some extra cash. I'd never take the risk at this point.

  7. I was leaning toward selling now I'm sure it's the right thing to do. Thanks everyone for the advice.

    BA Benny, shot me an e-mail at Redwingshockey82 at hotmail dot com with your shipping info and I'll get the Wright out to you ASAP.

  8. Duane, for some reason 599 stuck out to me on the numbering, I didn't do much with '08 Ultimate though but I had that number stuck in my head for some reason.