Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recent Trades, eBay Buys & a call to Traders.

I'm going to make an effort to show some love for the people who have made trades with me in the past week. I don't have any scans from what he sent me but I'd like to thank Night Owl for the great cards he sent me including a nice Tommy Hanson Topps Update Gold rookie card. I am by no means a Braves fan but I am a Tommy Hanson fan, he was a fantasy star for me this year and he has the potential to be a good top of the rotation guy for years to come so thank you again Night Owl.

This card comes from Beardy and it is awesome. I have a cool Mark Teixeira story I'll share sometime. I'm glad Beardy hates this guy because this is a cool card, I'm almost positive it's part of the Majestic laundry tag on the bottom of Tex's jersey. Either way it's a 4 color Ginter relic and I've never seen anything like it from Ginter so that alone makes it worth having.

This fine example of a Grey Eagle card is also from The Bearded One. It's an extended Mini from a rip card and one hell of a nice card, it's #363 in the set (Duane do you need this card?). The rendition of Speaker is kind of interesting as it pictures him with brown hair and a Boston Uni, when I think of Speaker i think of him as an Indian and I also always associate him with his trademark gray hair. Crazy fact about Speaker, over 3,500 hits and only 220 Strkie outs in his entire career. Mark Reynolds eclipsed that strike out mark in a single season. Beardy also sent along a few other Tex cards including a T206 SP and a NNO Ginter, thank you again Beardy for the nice cards.

Duane of the Democratic Roadkill blog sent these two Halladay pieces as well as some nice Halladay singles some of which I didn't have. Duane thanks for the awesome Doc cards, I look forward to our next trade.

I picked up the Cobb and Babe cards on ebay and I'm glad I did. They look great in person and despite Gellman's hatred of all things foilboard (or maybe he just hates the overuse of foilboard in some products, I'm not really sure), either way these cards look awesome in person, they have a ton of eye-appeal. I'm not in love with every aspect of the design so they aren't 10's in my book but I think they're much better looking than most of the relics on the market today.

I need this card, it's #205 in this years set, it's the last card I need to finish my set. I have a nice Hedman Young Guns Rookie I'd be willing to trade for it as well as a pile of other RC's including some good prospects.

I'd also love to add more Myer's cards to my collection, he's done amazing things for the Sabres this year and if anyone has any Myer's cards they'd like to trade (or sell) let me know as I have some nice stuff in Hockey that I'd be willing to trade for Myer's cards. On the topic of the Sabres I am always looking to add their cards to my collection and can help you out with cards of your favorite team. If you want to send me 100 current Sabres I'll be happy to send you 200 cards of current players from your favorite team, if you send me a jersey or auto I'll send you two back, I have a ton of hockey cards and I'd like to find a good home for them so drop me a line at redwingshockey82 at .

Lastly, I will be running another contest this coming week, here's the catch though, the prize will be dependent on the winner of the Jets vs. San Diego game tomorrow. If the Jets win this is the prize:

If they don't I'll have to find some kind of San Diego themed prize. Details on the contest will follow after the outcome of the Jets game tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to be real nosy. What did you end up paying for the Cobb and Ruth relic cards?

  2. The Teixeira card is pretty impressive. It's probably pretty rare to get a multi-colored relic swatch like that.

  3. Wow man! Thats an AMAZIN tex! You have no idea what I'd give up for that... any way you might like to trade or sell that for welll more than it's worth?

  4. Mark - I didn't get a crazy deal on them, but I think I did ok, $100 for the Ruth and $50 for the Cobb which is what they seem to be going for on ebay.

    Swag - Sure I'll trade or sell, send me an e-mail (Redwingshockey82 at and let me know what you have that would fit with what I collect. Halladay or Cobb are obviously what I'd be looking for first but I also collect Sizemore.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Joe, thanks for sharing the cost of the cards.