Friday, January 1, 2010

First Contest of the Year & a Request for Help Finishing a Set

I plan on running a contest on here to help drum up some love for this blog. This first one will be pretty simple, all you have to do is come closest to guessing the final total score of the Bills and Colts game this weekend (i.e. Bills 10, Colts 24 = 34 and 34 being the total would win), just enter your guess in the comments section of this post (all guesses must be in by Sunday at Noon). Easy right? The prizes are featured below:

1st Place is the Emmitt Smith Game Used Football Card
2nd Tomlinson Jersey
3rd Van Every T206 auto

Since I only have 9 followers your odds of winning are great and if I don't get 3 guesses the people who bother to comment will get more than one of the prizes and I am paying for the shipping so this will cost you nothing to enter.

The contests will get bigger over time but I'm offering these up as a start. The Emmitt was a fill-in for redemptions I sent in to Fleer back during their whole going bankrupt debacle. I got back literally 50 fill-ins for the redeptions I sent in and the Emmitt was the best one. My friend Tom who owns a shop said no one got anything worth more than $5 back even though the packages were supposed to be random so I guess I did well with a HOF'er like Smith. I'm not going to elaborate on the story behind this whole fill-in thing right now but if you were in the hobby around the time they went bankrupt you know what I mean and are probably as mad as I am.

Now for my request, I need 7 cards to finish the 2009 Topps Heritage Update baseball set: 689, 692, 694, 698, 706, 707 & 715.

I have dupes to trade back and any help is appreciated. If you do hockey at all I need 11 Young Guns from this years Upper Deck to finish my set, they are: 203, 206, 208, 214, 215, 217, 218, 227, 229, 231, 234, 235, 240.

Send me an e-mail at RedWingsHockey82 at if you can help and thanks for reading.


  1. I'll go with 37....Colts 30 Bills 7
    You now got 10 followers.

  2. The Captain took my first I'll go with Colts 24, Bills 9 for 33 total points.


  3. Not a football guy, but I know people who are:

    Bills 22, Colts 14.

    36 points and the upset.

  4. 34

    If fo some reason I happen to win please demote me to 3rd so I can have that awesome Red Sox auto...

  5. 17-10 Colts for a total score of 27

  6. Football eeh??? Okay, I'll play along... I won't even ask what a bill or colt is... Colts 42, Bills 24, Total score 66... I will check to see if I have any Heritage SPs you need... Great to see you blogging often my friend!

  7. Duane, please check your e-mail as I sent you a list of the cards I have for you off you want list.

    Adam, if you win I'll drop you down to 3rd.

    CT, Thanks for looking around for me and good luck everyone and thanks again for reading.

  8. Guessing is now closed, I don't think there would be anyone else guessing but just in case.