Sunday, January 17, 2010

Contest Winners

Last weekend was by far the best weekend full of football I saw all year, no question. This week it was the opposite, the Cowboys didn't show up at all, I had high hopes for that game but I was let down. Oh well. The contest went well though, here are the winners:

1st - dominicfdny
2nd - mmmrhubarb
3rd - Collective Troll

To make things easy please leave a comment on this post with what cards you'd like, dominic gets first pick so mmmrhubarb if you see this post first and leave a comment first please list your top 2 and troll you will get whatever is left over. Troll please check your e-mail as I have a card I think you might like that I e-mailed you about. The only person i have an address for is troll so dominic and hubarb send me an e-mail ( redwingshockey82 at ) and I will get your cards out to you Tuesday.

Thanks again for reading and I'll have details on the next contest tomorrow, since the J-E-T-S won today it will be a very Jets themed contest with the Sanchez being up for grabs but also a few other cards of the Jets young stars. As always I'm looking for Bills and Sabres cards so if you want to trade send me an e-mail.


  1. Wow, this is the FIRST contest I have won something in, in a year of trying... All 3 cards are awesome, so I really cant lost. Thanks!!! Oh, winners-dont pick the Gibson/Peavey! Thanks again Joe!

  2. If no one else claims their prize, can I get both awesome baseball cards???

  3. You can, the other winners have until noon today, Sunday, to get a claim in on the cards or you can have both baseball and the Stafford will become part of a Super Bowl give-away.

  4. Sounds great Joe!!! I will be on the lookout to get in on the Super Bowl Contest, too. Let me know and I can link it from my blog if you want...