Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Additions

I recently picked up this Cobb T206 bat card and I am really excited to add it to my collection. I got an ebay gift card for Christmas and I bought this card with it. The Seller is amazing as this is only the 4th day of mail delivery after the holiday and I already have this card in hand.

Over the years I've had a Babe Ruth bat piece (that looked like the one above only he was in a Red Sox Uniform ) and a Mantle Jersey piece but never a piece of Cobb bat or jersey so this is pretty special addition to my collection. Ty doesn't seem to much out there as Mantle or Ruth either, this is the first piece of his that I've seen outside of eBay.

Ty isn't half as popular as Mantle or Ruth add to that the fact that he played a decade before Ruth even came in the league making his memorabilia presumably harder to find than the Ruth's and much harder to find than Mantle's it makes sense given these factors he isn't as readily available as The Babe or The Mick.

With regards to this particular Topps T206 card I chose the "Old Mill" version of this card because it seems to fit the older feel of the card. I like the Piedmont version of this card but the blue doesn't seem to fit this card that well. Maybe if it was a Dodger relic the blue would fit in better. The Polar Bear version is my least favorite as the white border seems fairly bland.

Cobb is one of the 5 greatest players of all-time and while I have a signed check of his and some nice old ads featuring him I'm happy to have finally added a piece of game used memorabilia of his to my collection.