Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Collective Troll is Right

Yes I don't update this blog ever, why you ask? Cause I don't really feel I have a lot to add most of the time and when baseball season starts to wind down so does my interest in most things baseball. It's not that I don't still care about baseball because I do but my attention starts to turn toward other things like football and hockey. (This will be a pretty long post, not collective troll long but close, it will cover a few topics too, outlined quickly they are a call to traders, "thank yous" to the people I've traded with so far and my take on the Halladay trade).

I love hockey, it will always, be first in my heart. That being said I finished the Upper Deck Set, all Young Guns too. I opened 5 packs at different times from the local shop I frequent (First at Bat, 1928 South Park, Buffalo, NY) and got 2 John Tavares Rookie Cards. So I really crushed the odds and because of that I decided to do the set. I've picked up singles at the shop and off ebay and like I said I've got one set done and I'm working on my second. I plan on giving the second set a friend of mine. His dad died recently of a heart attack and he wasn't even 60 (the guy was in great shape too, it was completely unexpected). He's a huge hockey fan and with everything that's been going on with his family and with him and his wife expecting their first child I know he's not collecting right now so I'm going to try and finish a set of him. So if anyone wants to trade for the cards I need to finish the set drop me an e-mail at: Redwingshockey82 at . I'm sure I'll be able to help you finish your set too as I've bought some big lots of the young guns on ebay and I have quite a few dupes.

Here are people I've traded with so far:

Collective Troll

Thank you all very much, trading with you has made this one of my favorite years for collecting since I was a kid, Greg, Marck and Greg with the beard, thank you all for everything again, you're all great (to be honest I'm not sure that both Greg's don't have beards, they might, one is just more public about it).

Here is a list of people I'd like to trade with because they live about 10 miles away from me but for whatever reason they didn't respond to my emails:

Mojo Hand

If you read this and you know him and you want to do me a favor tell him to drop me a line. He goes to one of my favorite hobby shops, Highland Hobby, if you're ever in Derby, NY stop in and say, "Hi" to Fred the owner, he's a cool guy and he has a ton of cool stuff not related to cards. Fred used to own the bowling alley in Derby and is friends with one of my good friends Bruce who is one of best sources for single cards, the guy busts more cases than anyone I know.

Finally, on to the matter of one Harry Leroy Halladay. I'm happy for him, he deserves a chance to win a championship and the Blue Jays are years and years away from being close to the playoffs let alone a championship. Watch Doc's win total spike along with his K total and his ERA drop as he faces off next year against the inferior National League hitters. I went to a Phillie's game in Philly last year and wow can they rake, good luck beating that guy now that he has run support. Cliff Lee helped me win my fantasy baseball league in '08 and for that I will always be a fan of his but Halladay is an A+ pitcher, Lee is an A-. There is no comparison to Halladay in modern baseball, the guy is a class act, he never bashed the Jays in public for not trading him sooner, not many modern players are like that. Everything I've read about Christy Mathewson makes me think that the Christian Gentleman is Halladay's old tyme equivalent. I know Doc is no where near the player Christy was on the field but hopefully Roy can pitch for 8 more years and win another Cy Young or two with Philly and finish up strong, something he would have trouble doing with the Jays because as his skills fade with age he'll need the extra pop the Phillies can deliver. On an odd personal note I had a Michael Taylor (one of the prospects the Jays got for Halladay) Red Refractor from Bowman Chrome that I sold on ebay last year, I heard the kid had an explosive Bo Jackson like skill set but since I don't collect Phillies I flipped it, I wish I had that card now as he has a chance to be special for the Jays. I really think they made out will, they got some top notch talent for Doc.

Drop me a line at Redwingshockey82 at if you want to trade, see my first post on the blog for what I'm looking for.

Oh and I've been right a few times so far this year, Arodis Chapman looks like he could make hobby waves and Chris Johnson is the real deal.

Merry Christmas!


  1. No worries on flipping the Michael Taylor because the Blue Jays flipped him to the A's for Brett Wallace a 3B who will be the 1B of the future. He came to the A's from the Cardinals in the Matt Holliday trade.
    As the other Blue Jays fan from the Trolls post....I have some extra's of good Doc cards if you are interested in any.


  2. What a fantastic title!!!! Really glad to read your blog again... I understand, but its still nice to read... I picked up a couple of Bills relics for you. Don't know if they are any good, I will let you be the judge. Its awesome that Duane commented here as the two of you are by far the best trade partners I have ever found!!! I am emailing Mojo again for you... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thanks for everything!