Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Topps Gets MLB Trading Cards exclusive - Goodbye Upper Deck

The NY Times is reporting here that Topps has been given exclusive manufacturing rights for Major League Baseball cards. While Upper Deck still have their MLBPA license it's questionable what they would be able to do with it, producing airbrushed cards seems like the only thing they could do considering they aren't going to be able to produce a card featuring any of the logos of the MLB teams.

To me this is great news, I think Upper Deck Baseball products have really gone down hill over the past few years, their base brand is garbage, SPX is awful, SP Legendary cuts was a rip-off. The only product I like of theirs from the past few years is exquisite, it seems like the only brand they put any thought into.

I guess UD President Richard P. McWilliams will have to crank out another 100,000 Ken Griffey Jr. rookies to help keep his private jet fueled up since he won't be able to rip anymore people off with new product.

On a personal note, sorry for the lack of updates but honestly there hasn't been anything to excite me in the past few weeks but this news is a real bombshell and has me excited again.

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