Friday, July 10, 2009

Jonathan Sanchez is the Newest Pitcher to Throw a No-Hitter

Congratulations to Jonathan Sanchez and the Giants on the most recent no hitter in Baseball and the Giants fisrt since John Montefusco did it last in September of 1976. Thirty-three years later Sanchez should have been the 15th player to throw a perfect game in modern baseball history but a Juan Uribe error cost him his perfect game bid. Still, no walks, 11K's and only 110 pitches is pretty amazing. Aaron Rowand really helped him out in the 9th with an amazing catch against the deepest part of the center field wall, it almost made up for Uribe's mistake. This probably won't affect his cards much but maybe it will help Sanchez find the confidence he had as a rookie and get him on the winning track again. My favorite Rookie of his is in 2005 Bowman Chrome, there are two nice gold refractor parallels of that card up for auction on ebay right now, but for a cheaper option the Topps Update pictured above is a nice alternative that will cost you less than $1.

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